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Executive Presence Workshops

Executive Presence Workshop™

Who should attend: Fortune 500 executives, senior managers, and high-potential leaders

Objective: To help individuals create a compelling Executive Presence; to significantly heighten influencing abilities among colleagues, clients, board of directors and other constituents

Outcomes: Participants will . . .

  • Understand the dimensions of Executive Presence
  • Use a presentation planning tool to clearly and concisely outline a strategy for achieving their desired outcome
  • Become proactive in managing their reputation
  • Recognize how to project an Executive Voice
  • Heighten their awareness of the political landscape and dynamics
  • Master the verbal techniques that create a persuasive and compelling message for presentations, teleconferences and informal meetings
  • Expand their perspective of the message sent by their clothing choices
  • Refresh their business etiquette skills and ability to engage in social settings
  • Develop strategies to excel in high-pressure situations

Format: This is an intense two-day workshop that cuts through the mystique surrounding Executive Presence. It focuses on building an awareness of the Executive Presence dimensions, gathering insight into reputation management, creating a strong network of strategic alliances, uncovering ways to increase organizational savvy, understanding clothing choices that enhance an executive image, and discovering the nuances of social acumen. It also zeros in on advanced communication skills and creates an Executive Voice that projects a high degree of competence along with confidence.

Number of participants: A maximum of eight

Time required: Two days


Option 1: One-on-one coaching sessions with each participant after the workshop.

Option 2: 360° feedback that assesses how others perceive each participant’s level of competency on the six dimensions of Executive Presence.

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Executive Presence for the Sales Professional Workshop™

Who should attend: Sales professionals who interact with members of the executive team of Fortune 500 companies, major privately held companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations

Objective: To assist sales professionals in capturing the gravitas and persona necessary for interacting with executives who have a high level of confidence and competency while significantly differentiating themselves from their competitors

Outcomes: Participants will . . .

  • Build a highly credible profile from their client’s perspective
  • Heighten their ability to project a magnetic professional demeanor
  • Explore techniques for developing exceptionally meaningful relationships with clients
  • Dramatically increase the value of social interactions
  • Expand their understanding of the power of words to convey authenticity, approachability and expertise
  • Present complex data to executives in a clear, concise and compelling manner
  • Enhance their questioning skills in a manner to create buy-in

One and One-Half-Day Workshop Format: This highly informative and engaging workshop boosts performance while creating a memorable positive impression with senior managers and executive clients. Typically, sales training focuses on the sales cycle, product features and benefits, and methods of making effective sales presentations. This workshop focuses on understanding the power of Executive Presence—image, social and business acumen, language choices, diplomacy, authenticity and persuasiveness. Topics and insights rarely discussed in sales courses. Once understood, these insights help sales professionals out-perform their competition.

Number of participants: Maximum of 8

Time required: 1.5 days


One-on-one coaching sessions with each workshop attendee.

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Professional Presence Workshop™

Who should attend: Aspiring leaders, subject matter experts (i.e. IT, finance, engineering, marketing and other disciplines), individuals who interact with executives

Objectives: To provide insights into the dimensions of Professional Presence and its importance to success in careers; to project confidence and competence when interacting with members of the executive team; to refine the external and internal packaging to ultimately increase one’s promote-ability quotient

Outcomes: Participants will:

  • Create a professional demeanor that conveys confidence and competence
  • Refresh their business protocol for the telephone, email and voicemail
  • Understand their communication style and its impact on others
  • Develop ways to adapt their operating style to successfully engage with others at all levels of the organization
  • Make clothing and etiquette choices that enhance their image
  • Increase their ability to handle conflict with tact and diplomacy

One-day Workshop Format: This high-energy, content rich workshop takes the guesswork out of creating an image that speaks to the level of professionalism as well as the capabilities an individual brings to the job. It takes a look behind the scenes to discover how certain actions, word choices and even selection of clothes adds or detracts to how others form their perceptions. With just a few tips individuals improve their ability to project successful personas.

Number of Participants: A maximum of 15

Time Required: 1 day


One-on-one coaching sessions with each of the workshop attendees.

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Speaking Your Way to Results Workshop™

Who should attend: Professionals who want to substantially increase their speaking skills in formal and informal group settings as well as on conference calls; it is also helpful for subject matter experts from IT, finance and other disciplines

Objective: To provide advanced presentation techniques that help an individual consistently project a high degree of confidence and competence to a wide variety of listeners; to transform an ordinary delivery style into an exceptional one; to turn complex information into a simple compelling message

Outcomes: Participants will:

  • Use a presentation planning tool to clearly and concisely outline a strategy for achieving their desired outcome
  • Activate their audience’s imagination with stories, analogies, and metaphors to bring reality to complex concepts
  • Develop strategies for presenting material in a format that engages the listener
  • Project confidence and competence with their delivery of a well crafted message
  • Enhance their message with visual aids that drive home key points
  • Strategize how to effectively answer questions and address the unexpected curveball

Format of Workshop: These advanced techniques build upon a foundation of basic presentation skills by challenging participants to take an in-depth look at the most impactful way of reaching their audience. This involves developing a clear understanding of how to align their message with their listeners’ expectations.

The format involves each participant doing five presentations. All of them are videotaped and critiqued in private. As the workshop develops, the level of difficulty for each presentation increases. Each participant receives immediate feedback on how to improve their presentation techniques. The videotape is used to reinforce the acquired skills.

Optimal number of participants: Eight

Length of workshop: Two days

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