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Executive Keynote Speeches

Executive Presence – The Mystery Is Solved

This stirring and influential keynote speech:

  • Establishes a clear distinction between those that have Executive Presence and those that do not
  • Unlocks the code and provides a roadmap you can follow to elevate your Executive Presence
  • Creates the catalyst that will enable you to significantly increase your level of effectiveness across your company

You are a leader who has aspirations to rise significantly in your organization.  You have the competencies, work ethic and values; however, something is missing—Executive Presence.  What will it take?  A thorough understanding of the dimensions of Executive Presence and the insight to master them will unlock the mystery. 


Stand Up!  Be Seen!  Be Heard!  You Have A Winning Message!

Position yourself as a respected resource!
Image is a perception others have of you.  Whenever you are asked to make a presentation, you are making a lasting impression.  Whether that impression is favorable or unfavorable depends on how you conduct yourself, what you say and how you say it. 

This keynote speech helps individuals:

  • Make crucial pre-presentation decisions to ensure an image of confidence and conviction
  • Control and defuse the anxious moments
  • Maintain enthusiasm and energy
  • Understand how your body is a visual cue that enhances or detracts from your message

The time spent together will be interactive and fun.  There will be tips and techniques for the novice as well as the experienced. 
Remember, the moment of truth starts with your first step and your first words. 

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The “Savvy” Challenge

Project polish and confidence in all social settings.  The scenarios are many: dinner with the executive team; the company picnic; breakfast with a new client; a holiday cocktail party.  Socializing, small talk, and dining are all elements of a professional’s life.  Once the trade secrets are shared, your confidence will soar.  In this dynamic and fun-filled session the mystique of being socially savvy will be eliminated. 

This keynote helps individuals:

  • Develop the skills to easily navigate the social landscape of the business world
  • Take the mystery out of dining protocol
  • Improve your conversational skills and engage in social settings with ease

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