S C Gatton & Associates

Susan Gatton; executive presence coaching expert.

The Executive Presence Institute offers:

In addition, each executive has access to:

  • An extensive library of successful models and processes
  • An accountability system that ensures results and return-on-investment
  • A track record for achieving bottom-line results

Executive Coaching and Training

The Executive Presence Institute™ is a breakthrough resource that offers proven, results-based, executive coaching and training. It is also a launching pad designed to advance C-level individuals, other executives and high-potential performers to the highest echelons of effectiveness.
In addition, the institute conducts research to ensure that all training materials and coaching efforts leverage the most effective methods of rapidly promoting mastery of the six dimensions of Executive Presence that reach beyond communication and image.

By participating in The Executive Presence Institute’s™ offerings, executives can expect:

  • Heightened ability to influence and persuade
  • An acquired Executive Voice that aligns with their position
  • Improved ability to build alliances internally as well as externally
  • Increased adaptability to challenges and overall expanded agility
  • Enhanced diplomacy, tact, and social acumen
  • Refined efforts to effectively coach and mentor

Is the institute for you? Take a moment and answer the following questions. If you answer “no” to two or more questions below, contact Susan C. Gatton to begin improving your impact.

  • Are you aware of your reputation within your organization? If so, is your reputation as good as you would like it to be?
  • Are you often asked to join the executive team at the planning table?
  • Are you being groomed for increased responsibilities?
  • Does the CEO/President, other executives or members of the board of directors seek out your opinion?
  • Are you asked to speak at company-wide events? industry conferences? client events?
  • Are you asked to represent the company at highly visible community events?
  • Are you asked to engage with priority customers?
  • Are you included in the interviewing/hiring process of key individuals?