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Executive Coaching

The higher the position, the greater the expectations. A combination of leadership, confidence, competence, and social acumen project an image of someone who should be taken seriously and who has the ability to influence others. Executive Presence Coaching helps you shape your career.  It is a confidential, one-on-one, mutually designed relationship between Susan and the individual being coached.

What are the results?

This candid, politically-safe process targets specific, practical, work-related behaviors. Outcomes include:

  • Heightened Executive Presence Profile
  • An acquired Executive Voice
  • Enhanced credibility and visibility
  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced ability to deal with rapid change
  • Expanded network of strategic alliances

Who is it for?

This coaching is designed for individuals in leadership positions and potential leaders who are recognized as valuable resources and significant contributors to their company.

What does executive coaching involve?

Executive coaching engagements extend from three months to one year. The length of time depends on the scope and depth of the desired outcomes. On average, coaching engagements last six months. Face-to-face meetings are scheduled for two-hour sessions every other week or four-hour sessions once a month with a scheduled telephone call in-between sessions. As an alternative to face-to-face meetings, a virtual coaching model is available. This involves scheduled telephone calls on a weekly basis for a predetermined period of time.

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What is the methodology?

Key aspects include:

  • A behavioral approach with a high level of accountability
  • A coaching/consulting approach. We do not just ask questions; we provide value-added resources, proven systems and results-oriented models
  • A proactive and structured support system
  • A focus on the future
  • A candid, politically safe and objective sounding board
  • A focus on enhancing and expanding strengths and capabilities

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What is the process?

Executive Coaching Process Table

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